Here I am!

Good morning and welcome!

I am a public relations major with minors in event planning and musical theatre at Western Kentucky University. Whenever I’m asked why I chose public relations as my major, I really don’t know what to say. For me, it just makes sense to learn how to do this kind of work, and I like what I’m doing.

Through my studies at WKU, I have become very interested in Crisis Management. I think it’s an extremely important topic for public relations students to study because knowing how to react to and handle a crisis situation can make or break a reputation. In today’s world, the advancement of social media makes Crisis Management an important part of any public relations practitioner’s toolbox because responses need to happen in minutes, not hours.

That’s also something I’m interested in: how social media and public relations relate to one another, and the use and monitoring of what is being said on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms in important to a crisis plan. Recent cases like the Susan G. Komen decision show that social media is a powerful tool, and consumers now have the most powerful voice of all, powerful enough to effect change.

So that’s what I’m going to discuss here. How to use social media in public relations and why it is important to utilize those platforms in order to make Crisis Management more effective. I am excited to dive into to this topic and learn more about it. The world is changing, and everyone is becoming more connected through Facebook and Twitter. I think public relations needs to adapt to these changes as well.

Feedback and comments are extremely helpful and encouraged. Thanks for reading, and I hope we can all learn a thing or two.

Until next time!


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