Rebranding the Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club

As part of our final project in my Research in Advertising and PR class, my group had to conduct research on and create a rebranding strategy for the Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club. This project encompassed many things including an interview with the organization’s Corresponding Secretary, online media monitoring, secondary research, the creation of a plan book, and a final presentation of our findings, objectives, and strategies.

My role in the completion of this product consisted of many tasks. I, along with a fellow classmate, attended and conducted the interview with the organization’s Corresponding Secretary, and I then compiled all the notes and information gathered from that meeting into a document that was shared with the entire group. The information from this interview proved to be vital to the formulation of our situation analysis and our objectives for the organization. I created a site map for the organization that is intended to guide the Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club in creating a more easily navigable website, and I compiled key information from our plan book into the Power Point presentation. I also assisted in brainstorming, passive listening, editing the plan book, and developing our objectives and strategies.

Working with a real client was extremely beneficial in applying what I have been learning in my PR classes over the last 2 years. I’m happy that this project did not come from a fictitious scenario in a text book because that sort of project would not have provided the same real-world insights and opportunities that working with the Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club did. One thing that surprised me was that the interview we had with the organization’s Corresponding Secretary was more beneficial to our research and development than any other form of research we conducted. One aspect of the project that could have been improved was more interaction with our client. After the extremely insightful interview, neither side really stayed in touch, and the organization was not present during our final presentation. I think more contact and conversations with the client would have made this feel more like a real-world situation and less like a class project.

Overall, I am very pleased with the rebranding plan our group developed. I have never done this kind of work before, and I learned a lot not only from class but also from my fellow classmates. I really enjoyed this process, and I will definitely take what I have learned and apply it to future projects and client work.



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